Do you allow pets in your properties?
No, we do not allow pets in our properties.
How much is the deposit?
We usually take one month’s rent as deposit however this is subject to change depending on the property in question.
When is my rent due?
Your rent is due on the anniversary of the day your tenancy commenced. For example if you moved into a property on the 20th of April 2011 your rent is due on the 20th day of every month thereafter.
What happens if I choose one of your properties?
If you decide you would like to take one of our properties we will require you to pass a credit check. As soon as this is completed you will need to sign a tenancy agreement and pay a deposit in full.
Can I reserve a property whilst credit checks are carried out?
Yes, a £100 reservation fee, which is non refundable can be provided which will ensure that the property is held.. However if your credit check returns as a continue/pass then this can be used towards your deposit or first month’s rent. Should you not pass a credit check then this reservation fee is not refunded.
Are there any benefits of working directly with Doyle Properties rather than working with an agent?
By working directly with Doyle Properties you are dealing directly with the landlord. Should a property not suit your requirements we can advise if we have something more in line with what you are looking for which sometime agents may not be aware of.
How much is a credit check?
Credit checks are in the region of £50-£150. This varies depending on the agent.
Do you accept tenants who are on benefits?
We do accept tenants who receive benefits however they need a home owner guarantor who also signs the tenancy agreement. A Guarantor is liable for any shortfall or outstanding rent owed. Both the tenant and guarantor will be required to pass credit checks before the landlord will accept them as a tenant. There will be a charge for both sets of credit checks.
How much notice to vacate the premises is needed?
When you decide to end your tenancy you have to give one months notice to quit or vacate on the anniversary of your tenancy. For example if your tenancy began on the 15th March 2011 you will need to advise of your intention to leave on or before the 15th February 2012 to vacate the property on the 14th March 2012.
How long is the tenancy for?
An initial 6 months Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. This can then be renewed or it will roll on. (read below)
What happens when my tenancy expires?
Once your tenancy expires it rolls on as a statutory monthly tenancy. This in effect means that you continue to live in the property under the same terms and conditions agreed on signing until you advise of your intention to leave. Should the landlord require you to quit the premises for whatever reason he will advise in writing two months prior to your tenancy expiring.
Have you got any properties available?
Usually we have something available or ‘coming available’ that would suit your requirements. If you contact us 2-3 months prior to needing the property we will be able to advise which properties are coming available. Some tenants advise us well in advance of leaving an so consequently it allows us some scope for new prospective tenants.
I’m already in one of your properties and i’m looking to move because I need a larger/smaller/less expensive property?
We try to be as flexible as possible. Please just ask if we have something available. We will try our best to assist in relocating you whatever your requirements are. If you transfer from one to another property you will not need to go to the expense of agents’ fee etc...
I’ve lived in one of your properties before do I have to pay fees if I return?
Not if you deal directly with us you do not have to pay any charges. However, if you are introduced to a property/reintroduced to Doyle Properties by an agent/third party then the initial fee/credit check charges or administration costs that the agent charges will apply.
I’ve seen pictures of these properties on other websites, why?
A number of agents in Liverpool advertise properties on our behalf. However we are the landlord of these properties. Through dealing with us you are dealing directly with the landlord.
What do I do if something breaks down/needs maintaining?
Contact the office and report it ASAP. We will try our utmost to have it seen to as soon as possible. Sometimes things beyond our control e.g. external contractors may take a few days to attend or parts may need to be ordered.
When will I get my deposit back?
Once you have moved out and all keys are returned the property will be inspected. If the property has no rent arrears, is clean and in the same condition as it was when the tenancy commenced the deposit is returned within approximately fortnight. Any damages, cleaning inclusive of white goods and carpets will be charged at cost.


  • I have lived in a duplex apartment in the Courtyard for the last three years and have been so impressed that I look forward to remaining where I am for the forseeable future.

    Courtyard Apartments
  • Doyle Properties are excellent landlords and as a family busisiness are quite approachable, friendly and responsive to tenants needs.

    Orchard Apartments
  • We have been very happy tenants of Bev and Bill Doyle for the past three and a half years and are delighted to live in one of their most beautiful apartments in Gateacre Grange.

    Gateacre Grange

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